Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Minor stuff

Things have been happening, just nothing that seemed complete or worth writing about. I've felt like the ADD poster child the past few weeks. Ten minutes into doing something I goto the garage for a tool, find another project and start working on it but then start to clean up the garage when I can't find something only to find another project to work on and evenutally I come back inside to get some water and realize that I forgot the tool that I went to the garage for in the first place over 2 hours ago. Perhaps it is time to get back to making lists.

The yard has 4 rasied beds and the sprinklers are mostly done for the garden and trees.

There are more cabinets in the kitchen but it is still lacking tile on the counters. That weird shape on the wall is test paint. The color was too dark but experiementing with painters caulk has proved the stuff to be well worth the effort.

I fixed a friends chair, built a bow and a cabinet on wheels in the garage. Spent several hours organizing the garage. Not that you'd notice in the picture. Much dirt has been removed as well, the 4 yards of topsoil that was delivered is now less than 1 yard. Next is to get gravel delivered so that the driveway will be less of a mud pit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing spectacular

Jury duty ate up my Tuesday to work on the house. There was still enough time to move cinder blocks and dirt till I was worn out though. These days that isn't to hard though. It might actually snow this weekend so planting the garden is off but the raised beds are pretty far along and will even have a drip watering system. Once the garden is planted I can go back to working on the kitchen. The plan was to buy a rental house by now. Damn day jobs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh my there is a lot to do back there.

Here is my very sad looking back yard. The tree is a cherry and off to the right out side of the camera view is a pear tree. The concrete blocks are the functional and rather unstylish vetetable garden to be. There is about 3 yards of dirt still to move once the sprinklers are repurposed for drip irrigation. The triangle support things were once the legs of a trebuchet but the novelty wore off and now they will be the legs for a composter. The seeds were planted indoors last week and it looks like the nights in the low 30s are about over. Some of the fence blew over in a wind last month and some of the yard doesn't even have fence. Once all of the fencing is taken care of the doggy jail back in the corner will be removed and that space will become garden as well.
Boy is there a lot planned for this summer...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Got the tile for the kitchen counter. Haven't really made much progress, I've been distracted. But I did get a pear tree, a cherry tree and a black berry bush. As soon as the snow melts I'll be able to plant them too.

Edit 4/09: What the hell is pseudo suppose to mean?