Thursday, October 23, 2008


There is new drywall hanging on some of the walls. It's a good feeling. Even though they are a blatant reminder of how much work putting up mud is they still look kinda like finished walls. Like progress instead of demolition. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of demolition going on. The kitchen and fireplace for example. But yeah, drywall, it's better than nothin'.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

inch by inch

The bathroom is finally ready to put the sheet rock back up. There is a new sub-floor and a new bath tub. There is a ceiling light and fan now too after hours in an attic with less than two feet of head room. The shower is going to get the new mold resistant yellow board and the rest of the room gets the regular green board. It seems like so much else has happened but it was mostly prep work and trying to track down the electrical wires. That involved putting a new hatch into the attic. The old one was no where near anything that needed to be accessed in the attic and in the middle of a bedroom. The new one is in the laundry room and near the wiring, the swamp cooler, even the heater flue. The tile I want for the bathroom floor has been hard to find. It looks like I'll have to order it off of the internet. White hexagon tile with black highlight tiles seems to be a restoration specialty that the blue and orange box stores or the tiles stores don't carry anymore.

Only 6 weeks left until I need to be living there. Ack!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So much

The bathroom is gutted and ready to start being put back together. There was an elaborate window dance last weekend. Removed a small window from the second bedroom and put it into the half bath in place of the two single paned windows. Removed four single paned windows from the main bedroom and replaced them with two low-E energy star windows. All that also involved redoing all of the siding on that side of the house. There are two more windows that I want to replace and that will be it for the windows this year. After that nearly all of the drywall in the two bedrooms will be removed so that insulation can be put in the walls. That's right, there is no insulation in the walls. The attic could use some insulation too but first there is some wiring and fan vents to install. I've got seven weeks left to finish the remodel enough to move in. Kumbaya!