Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So when I posted about making soap the other day I didn't really do it. Last night I finally found the motivation. The picture shows about a years worth of soap for me. I tried to make shampoo by adding water to the pan after pouring all the soap into molds and then heating the pan. The water never did mix with the soap though. I think one would have to do this by adding the water with the lye. It might be from going a little over board on the superfatting too though. I'll have to do some more reading though since I don't really want to ruin a whole batch when others have done the research for me. This might be the last batch though. I heard that the lye I buy is no longer available and the other ones on the market have added chemicals. A coworker bought a large amount of lye for making biodiesel so I might talk him out of some. The best thing about this round of making soap, no chemical burns! Yay!

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