Monday, January 19, 2009


The kitchen remodel is in full force. All of the counters are gone, 90% of the drywall has been torn out and the two windows have been replaced. There are a couple of wiring anomalies that made me glade to have torn out the drywall. Not only will the walls be insulated but the chance that the house will burn down has been reduced quite a bit. Live wires going nowhere, uncapped wires in metal boxes, joined wires without a box, old wires, etc... The mice should be blocked out by the time I'm done too. I bought a tool for crimping PEX and fixed a leak under the kitchen "sink". The quotes, of course, are to designate that the sink does not exist. Between the leak and just plain age there was a lot of mold behind the kitchen counter. The new wall will have some of that new mold and water resistant yellow drywall for the bottom 4' behind the sink and dishwasher. It sure will be exciting to have a kitchen, it's been well over 5 months now since selling my last house.

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