Monday, December 1, 2008

Check, check, check

The list is looking better but not as far as I was hoping. Moved into the house on Saturday but the laundry room and hallway still need a lot of work. Oh, and those pesky toilet/vanity things, they'll be installed this weekend. Once the laundry room is done there will be a easy way to divide the house so that dust doesn't get into the living area. Taking a shower in the bathroom felt good after all of the work that went into it. Being in the crawlspace this morning trying to figure out why the heater didn't work on the other hand did not feel so good.

o Bath tile Soap dish
o Smooth bedroom walls
o Bathroom ceiling
o Bathroom floor cement board and tile
o Texture bedrooms
o paint bedrooms/bathroom
o Half bath door
o Laundry/half bath wall
o Drywall hallway and laundry room
o Mud and smooth laundry and hallway walls
o Laundry floor cement board and tile
o Texture hallway and laundry room
o Paint hallway and luandry room

Here are a couple of before pictures in preparation of the finished pictures coming soon.

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