Friday, December 19, 2008

PSA or some such

Despite the work there just isn't anything that looks like progress to report. It's been friggin' cold and I can say from experience that tools in the -10 to 10 degree range make fingers numb. I've gotten frostbite enough times that my fingers and toes are a little sensitive. Why not wear gloves? Well I do with hand tools and the cold still seeps through but with power tools it is just a bad idea. If a finger hits a spinning blade it sucks but just that finger gets hurt. If a glove, or really any clothing, touches a blade there is a good chance your whole hand, or clothing appropriate body part, will get sucked into it. When I should be sanding drywall so that the hallway can be textured I've been messing with a side project. The new washer and dryer are the front load kind and they don't come with the stand. A stand for both is $300-400 and I decided I could make one for much cheaper. So far I'm about $75 into it and I've bought everything. The carcasses are done and I just need to make the drawers. I did a lot of searching on the internet and didn't find any plans for the stands, well okay, I found one plan but it sucked. Maybe there is some free software out there that will let me draw up some pictures of the stand plans to put out there. If all goes right there will be pictures of a textured hallway and laundry room, cement board in the laundry room and finished washer/dryer stands before the assault of commercialism ends.

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