Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Everything takes longer than first planned. Snow kept my helpers away. There was a significant delay in the bathroom when I realized how poorly the vanity light had been placed. Rewire, patch drywall, texture, paint and it is finally time to hang the medicine cabinet. There was an issue with the drain as well. I think that had more to do with trying to work while being sick. Had to make several trips to the store and start over twice since the brain just doesn't work to good while running a fever. The sink drain still has issues. The floor and shower tile both need another coat of sealant but the bathroom just about has a fork in it. The laundry room has a properly hung door and all the drywall that doesn't touch the door is done. The plan is to be reporting a finished hallway and progress on the laundry room tile a week from today. Sickness and snow permitting.

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